Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

1. Who owns VeteranCrowd?

VeteranCrowd is owned and operated by [VeteranCrowd, a Virginia limited liability company], a dedicated veteran-founded enterprise.

2. Is VeteranCrowd for profit?

Yes, VeteranCrowd operates as a for-profit organization. However, our primary focus is on serving the needs of the military community.

Cardholder Questions

1. How does the VeteranCrowd program work?

Our program plugs directly into Visa's network, using proprietary technology that automatically matches participating merchants' discount programs for veterans to users verified veteran status. Verify your veteran status once and use your Visa card to get the discounts you've earned with your service. You'll start to see hundreds of dollars in savings every month, as you automatically participate in discount programs you didn't even know existed at the merchants you already shop with.

2. Is this too good to be true?

Nope! Thousands of merchants across the country already offer discount programs for veterans, but until now no one has built a simple and secure way to make sure you never miss out on the rewards you’ve already earned through your service. VeteranCrowd simply automates that process, so you never have to dig through your wallet to find your veteran ID, open a merchant application, present a coupon or QR code, or share your mobile number again, and you never miss out on another discount.

3. Do I need to carry a separate card to take advantage of the discounts?

No, simply use your existing Visa credit card activated on the VeteranCrowd platform to take advantage of the discounts. Our program is integrated into Visa's network, so you don't have to worry about carrying around a separate card or remembering to use a certain card at certain stores. In fact, you can register all your Visa cards if you’d like.

4. How do I know which merchants are participating in the program?

Our platform is constantly updated with new participating merchants, so the savings never stop! You can check our website or app to see the list of current participating merchants.

5. How do I verify my veteran status?

We securely verify your veteran status the first time you register. Simply provide us with the required information, and once we’ve verified your veteran status the first time, you’ll never need to do it again. One registration – thousands of merchants. No more hassle to get the discounts you’ve already earned!

6. How will I know if I am receiving VeteranCrowd discounts?

You decide how you would like to be notified, but most people choose instant notification via text messaging. You'll start to see the savings on your monthly statement, and you can always check your account on our website or app to see the discounts that have been applied.

7. Can I use the VeteranCrowd program with other credit card companies?

Currently, the VeteranCrowd program is only available for Visa credit cards.

8. Is there a fee for using the VeteranCrowd program?

No, there is no fee for using the VeteranCrowd program. It's completely free for veterans to use. You’ve earned this!

Merchant Questions

1. Where do I sign up for Veteran Crowd’s Reward program?

You sign up at

2. What level of discount do I provide for the veterans?

We require a minimum discount of 10% on purchases. You may select any percentage over that amount you like. You may also choose to give a fixed dollar amount if you’d like.

3. Can I turn discounts on and off on specific days?

Yes, you may define offers to begin and end on specific dates. In this way you can build targeted discount programs across many months of the year. Each date range can have its own discount level. You can use this feature to sync discounts with your advertising campaigns.

4. Can I create discount programs for a specific store?

You will be able to do this later this year.

5. Can I discount specific items?

This is possible today but not a part of the general product feature content. If this is of interest, please contact us.

6. When do I need to pay discounts?

We bill you once per month based on the accumulated total of all purchases by all members in your store that are over 30 days old in any given monthly period. Payment is due upon invoice and paid by ACH. We take the discount funds and distribute them to our members.

7. What about returns?

We manage returns and the associated discounts. First, we include a thirty day wait period on transactions so that the majority of returns would have been made. Should an item be returned, we process the return notification and remove the discount obligation from the merchant.

Beneficiary Questions

1. Can my Charitable organization be a Beneficiary in Veteran Crowd’s program?

Yes, currently it is required that beneficiaries are registered 501c3.

2. When does my organization start receiving funds once we enroll?

Veteran Crowd processes roundups once a month for transactions that are at least thirty days old. Funds are moved to your organization’s checking account via ACH.

3. Does Veteran Crowd receive some of these funds?

Yes, Veteran Crowd receives 10% of collected round up funds to cover expenses of managing the program and fees with VISA.

4. Are there any other fees charged to my organization?

No. We even pay fees for moving funds to you.

5. We send out an end of year tax statement to our contributors. Does Veteran Crowd help us do this?

Yes, Veteran Crowd sends you an accounting of donations and information required to create your yearly tax statement.

6. Can I see how donations are going on a daily basis?

Yes, when you log in, your home page has a dashboard with up to the minute accounting of donations through RoundUp.

7. Can members donate part of their discount funds to our organization?

Yes, members can set allocations of their discount funds to go to your organization.