Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

1. Who owns VeteranCrowd?

VeteranCrowd is a veteran founded and operated Virginia Corporation.

2. Is VeteranCrowd for profit?

Yes, VeteranCrowd operates as a for-profit organization. However, our primary focus is on serving the needs of the military community and empowering veteran service organizations.

Cardholder Questions

1. How does the VeteranCrowd program work?

Our program matches participating merchants' discount programs to verified Veterans, Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve Members and their families. Once you verify your military status, your Visa card will gather the discounts you've earned with your service. You'll start to see hundreds of dollars in savings as you automatically participate in discount programs you didn't even know existed at the merchants you already frequent.

Our RoundUps for Charities Program operates with similar “set and forget” simplicity. Once you set your RoundUp level and identify your charitable Beneficiary, the rest of the process operates automatically.

2. Do I need to carry a separate card to take advantage of the discounts?

You must use a card registered with VeteranCrowd to take advantage of our discounts and RoundUps programs. You may register as many Visa cards as you wish, and you will be able to manage them in your VeteranCrowd wallet.

3. How do I know which merchants are participating in the program?

Our platform is constantly updated with new participating merchants, so the savings never stop! You can check our website or app to see the list of current participating merchants.

4. How do I verify my veteran status?

We securely verify your military status the first time you register. Set it and forget it. No more hassle to get the discounts you’ve already earned or make donations to the charities you support!

5. What if my veteran status validation fails?

We validate your status by working with the VA. They use the address on your DD-214 for validation so if the address you entered doesn’t match then validation will fail. You can remedy this by logging into the VA site and editing your address. The updated address will now supersede the DD-214 address so use that one in the Veteran Validator.

6. How will I know if I am receiving VeteranCrowd discounts?

You decide how you like to be notified, but most people choose instant notification via text messaging, but you can always check your account on our website or app to see the discounts and rewards that have been applied by your favorite brands.

Merchant Questions

1. Where do I sign up for Veteran Crowd’s Reward program?

You sign up at

2. What level of discount do I provide for the veterans?

Discounts and rewards vary, but we recommend that merchants provide a discount of 10% or more on purchases by active duty, veterans, and extended family members.

3. Can I customize discounts?

Yes, you may define offers by a variety of parameters.

Beneficiary Questions

1. Can my Charitable organization be a Beneficiary in Veteran Crowd’s program?

Yes, you may apply to be a RoundUp designated Beneficiary, or a member designed Beneficiary. We are looking for charities that are registered 501(c)3 entities, especially those focused on supporting the military community. Send your request to

2. Can members donate part of their discount funds to our organization?

Yes, once vetted by VeteranCrowd, members can set allocations of their discount funds to go to their Beneficiaries.