Veteran Crowd Rewards

Welcome to VeteranCrowd

At VeteranCrowd, we deeply appreciate the more than 20 million active duty and veteran military men and women who have served. We also acknowledge the unwavering support of their families, who collectively safeguard our cherished freedoms and way of life.

Our Mission

As a veteran-founded enterprise, our core mission is to serve the needs of the military community. To honor this commitment, we offer a range of dedicated services:
1.   Exclusive Military Discounts:

We bridge the gap between our members and affiliated merchants who provide military discounts and rewards programs.

By anonymously and conveniently linking member credit cards to these programs, we ensure our members receive the recognition for their service that merchants intend.

2.   Charitable RoundUps and Directed Giving:

We firmly believe in supporting the military community that gives so much. Through member charitable giving tools, we enable our members to direct their donations to the causes they care most about .

3.   Empowering Financial Security:

We equip our members with powerful tools and resources to help them achieve financial security through directed retirement savings.

Join Us

At VeteranCrowd, we are more than a financial technology company– we are a part of a larger military community of shared values and mutual support. Together, we honor military service, empower financial well-being, and create meaningful change.

Join us on this journey. Let's make a difference together.