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For the Military Community

Are you frustrated by time-consuming, awkward, and somtiemes embarrassing military ID or veteran identity checks at checkout? We understand. So much so, we revolutionized the process. Our solution empowers the military community and their families, gives back control of their privacy, and makes the entire process just as simple as it should be!

Our mission at VeteranCrowd is to empower the military community to unlock and activate military discounts, and simplify and amplify their charitable giving. We seamlessly integrate with Visa's network so that you are able to match your verified veteran status confidentially with qualified discount programs, and activate your card for charitable roundups. Just verify your veteran status once on an existing Visa credit card, and you'll never need to reapply for the discounts you've earned from our network of merchants.

Once activated, your Visa card becomes a force for good through your personally chosen charitable beneficiary of roundup donations. Choose a charity from our growing list of vetted reputable organizations. With every transaction you can round up and donate your extra change to support great causes. Join VeteranCrowd today and increase your impact every time you shop!

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For Participating & Interested Merchants

Supporting the military community isn't just goodwill; it's also good business!

The military community, encompassing active-duty personnel, veterans, and their families, wields an astounding purchasing power of over $1 trillion annually. Imagine the potential of genuinely aligning with this venerated community!

The military community has a remarkable trait: unwavering loyalty, loyalty that not only translates to repeat business, but also encourages positive word-of-mouth recommendations. By extending a welcoming hand to the military community, merchants can participate in this loyalty and significantly enhance their reputation.

The military community is ideal for businesses that prioritize customer loyalty. By supporting VeteranCrowd’s mission, you become a force-multiplier for the good of the military community.

Join the community of Americans who support those who've served and sacrificed.

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For Community Partners, including Credit Card Issuers and Veteran Service Organizations

Research has shown that both active duty personnel and veterans tend to be more likely to donate to charities compared to the general population. It’s no surprise. Military personnel and veterans have a strong sense of duty and service, which extends beyond service to their country.

By partnering with VeteranCrowd, your members gain access to our unique Roundup and Rewards Programs that enable our members to donate directly to your organization. These tools enable cardholders to conveniently transfer all or a portion of their discounts and rewards directly into your VeteranCrowd account to amplify your organization’s good works.

Our Community Partner Toolkit includes tools designed to help you build and maintain an active connection between our members and your fund-raising efforts, including messaging, acknowledgment of donations, and promotional goal settng. The tools include Discount Rewards, Roundup, and other customized tools for charitable donations.

At VeteranCrowd, we enable organizatoons and card issuers to collaborate at a new level of care and control of charitable giving. Partner with us!

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