A story about buying a business with a happy ending

"While gut instincts don’t necessarily trump analysis, they can get you to the same conclusion much faster." These wise words came my way in an email from Barker Squire, a young former Marine Corps officer, who first approached me several years ago when he had left the service, comple... continue reading

VeteranCrowd Network Event in November

  The VeteranCrowd Network is proud to be presenting an exclusive, invitation-only event in Richmond to accelerate entrepreneurial success, connections, and networking among military veteran-led businesses and the individuals that lead them. This is our first event to be followed by ot... continue reading

GotUrSixTV on July 24th at 11:15 AM ET

Current VeteranCrowd Projects

VeteranCrowd is currently consulting a number of clients, providing support and financial advisory services. WE like these companies and think you will too.                     

The cost of deceit

I am more a digital than analog personality - by that I mean I am either a “1” or I am a “0.” Black or white, few shades of grey. So someone recently said I should lighten up and asked me why a “little cheating” bothers me so much.   I responded with a q... continue reading

Part Three: Execution

You cannot do a great job of solving a problem if you do not spend the time with your team to plan the execution. In the military the stakes were high - life and death. IN business the stakes are high too, so you better get this right. The military Operations Order (OPORD) is a great tool appli... continue reading

Part Two: Mission

Veterans perform very well in the business setting because they acquired skills and disciplines in the service that can be applied every day. One such discipline is the five paragraph Operations Order (the “OPORD”). You do not have to be a veteran to use this tool. This past weeke... continue reading

Part One: Situation

Veterans perform very well in the business setting because they acquired skills and disciplines in the service that can be applied every day. One such discipline is the five paragraph operations order. You do not have to be a veteran to use this tool. During the late 1950’s, Frederick Edw... continue reading


“The combat arms of business.” The leadership skills and values military veterans develop translate to greater success in the private business sector. Veterans are: Team players. Mission-oriented, effectively organizing teams to achieve objectives. Good communicators, clearly ... continue reading

How military veterans make better business people

I try to see the opportunity in every problem. Sometimes that is very difficult. Ten years ago, a big problem came knocking on everyone’s door. The economic bubble burst and institutions we thought would never fail crumbled right before our eyes. Seemingly, no one was immune - those of ... continue reading

The seven deadly sins of raising capital

Not long ago, I shared these thoughts with one of my clients during a coaching session. I felt that we needed to take a hard look at the way things were going and how we could improve. The seven deadly sins seemed to frame the discussion well. Do any of these hit home for you? Pride - Hubri... continue reading

Be thankful for the failures in your life

If you're reading this, you have survived 100% of your failures so far. In May of 2015, Henry Meredith delivered the valedictory address to his graduating class at the Virginia Military Institute. He chose an unusual one word theme - he said the Institute gave them “Failure.” Henr... continue reading

The speed of the leader determines the pace of the pack

Before he fought in Europe in Patton’s Third Army, my father was a young battery commander stationed at Fort Bragg. “Dad” was so young when he graduated from the Virginia Military Institute in 1941, that he had to wait until his 21st birthday in August to accept his commission. ... continue reading

"Droom" - one secret to entrepreneurial success

During a recent panel discussion, someone asked about the most common mistakes we see when entrepreneurs are starting a business. I responded with a question, “Does anyone know what DROOM means?” Zero. Nada. No one. Search “starting a business” on Google and you wil... continue reading

Growing a business: Fail early and fail cheap

  The first thing I share with budding entrepreneurs these days is to push their business model to the point of failure as quickly and as cheaply as they can. What? In other words, learn all you can for as little as you can. Thomas Edison had the right perspective when seeking to inv... continue reading

Tactical Walls - Mission Accomplished

  VeteranCrowd, LLC is pleased to announce the successful completion of its engagement with Tactical Walls of Shenandoah, Virginia. VeteranCrowd acted as the Financial Advisor to the company, and provided Investment Banking Services through it's affiliation with WealthForge Securities,... continue reading

DV8 Sports Investment Opportunity Webinars

INVEST IN GOLF INNOVATION WEBINAR INVITATION THE EVENT  VeteranCrowd will be hosting DV8 Sports investor presentation webinars in the coming weeks. This is your chance to learn about the DV8 company, their innovative golf products and your equity investment opportunity. ... continue reading

PRESS RELEASE - Frog Performance, LLC. launches $3.0 million offering for private investors

Aug 30, 2016 12:05 EDT Disclosure NewswireTM iCrowdNewswire - Aug 30, 2016  August 29, 2016 Press Release – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Frog Performance Alexander Kunz Chief Executive Officer and Founder Jeff Byers President, Chief Operating Officer and Founder ... continue reading

EPEC Journey

Pat Brady, inventor and founder of the DV8 Sports, tells the story of how this golf innovation came about and how it has evolved into a successful product and business.    “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” - Tho... continue reading

PRESS RELEASE - DV8 Sports launches $3.5 million offering for private investors

Aug 16, 2016 3:35 EDT DV8 Sports launches $3.5 million offering for private investors Disclosure NewswireTM iCrowdNewswire - Aug 16, 2016  August 15, 2016Press Release – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   DV8 SportsRichard StamperPresident & Chief Executive Officer1005 Ald... continue reading

What is DV8 Sports?

Fortune Favors the Prepared

James Bourie is an excellent example of veterans transitioning their military skills and expertise to private industry. As a commander of a Special Forces team, he led classified unconventional, counter-terrorism, and counter-criminal missions in and around Afghanistan. Now he is the&... continue reading

The Triple Crown

In spirit of the horse racing season I thought it was fitting to label this entry, “The Triple Crown.” Serious horse racing fans know that you’re betting on the jockey just as much as the horse. It is important to know the record of the jockey: What types of tracks have they per... continue reading

Internship Opportunities with VeteranCrowd

  The Marketplace for investing in Veteran-led companies  Are you interested in an Internship with an emerging innovative small business? Situation:  VeteranCrowd is an online portal connecting validated veteran-led companies with patriotic investors from all across the count... continue reading

Private equity crowdfunding Part II ? The lemons ripen first

As I discussed in my last post, Title III Crowdfunding is the conclusion of four years of the SEC trying to to put the JOBS Act into practice. The new rules improve investing options for both businesses and investors; however, these improvements largely address existing markets. Title III is in m... continue reading

Private equity crowdfunding Part I ? How we got here

In late October, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) published its rules for Title III Crowdfunding. Hailed by many as the “democratization of private equity,” these rules open up direct investment in private companies to virtually everyone. But these rules, which are slated ... continue reading

Entrepreneur Vs. Wantrepreneur

If you have ever watched Shark Tank you will sometimes hear the sharks reference owners as “wantrepreneurs.” This just happens to be one of my favorite television shows and I have found myself pondering, what does the term wantrepreneur really mean?   ... continue reading

Life is a series of boot camps

Life is hard. Life is filled with challenges, threats, risks and rewards. From start to finish, it is full of adversity. With condolences to those in certain pockets in academia and in spite of all the efforts, this world is a “hostile environment.” Growing up. Starting a ne... continue reading

SEC finally approves rules for Title III crowdfunding - but wait

Robert Louthan - November 2, 2015 On October 30, the Securities and Exchange Commission finally approved the new rules for Title III equity crowdfunding - after over three years. These rules won’t take effect until sometime next year. The vote at the SEC was 3-1. Republican Commissioner... continue reading

It's about the Veterans - Patriot Boot Camp

Robert Louthan - August 5, 2015 I was invited to Patriot Boot Camp this past weekend to mentor military veteran entrepreneurs and serve as an expert panelist. Turns out, I got a lot more out of Patriot Boot Camp than I could ever hope to contribute. Patriot Boot Camp is the brainchild ev... continue reading

Veterans answered the call - The Muster

Robert Louthan - May 29, 2015 It began with the Pledge of Allegiance and concluded with respect for the Colors and the National Anthem sung by the Blackhawk’s own Jim Cornelison – fitting bookends for a day full of veteran run businesses. I posted earlier that I thought The Muster ... continue reading

Why The Muster is so significant

Robert Louthan - May 22, 2015 mus·ter verb - assemble (troops), especially for inspection or in preparation for battle. On countless occasions over the last 239 years, citizen soldiers have been called to action in defense of our Nation. And with Memorial Day approaching this... continue reading

Private Investing: Two things you'd better do

Robert Louthan - April 7, 2015 "I was an expert" Over twenty years ago, I embarked on my new career in "venture capital." In 1994, the venture field was broadly defined, and still very small. I joined a Small Business Investment Company (SBIC), and began reviewing hundreds upon hundreds of pr... continue reading

Equity Crowdfunding is the next Angel Evolution

Robert Louthan - March 5, 2015 I went to my very first private angel pitch almost sixteen years ago. We gathered in a private room late one weekday afternoon at the best country club in town, mingled, grabbed a cocktail, and then sat down to hear the pitch from a technology company seeking capi... continue reading

Ten Reasons Veterans make better management teams

Robert Louthan - February 11, 2015 In 2008 my business was, like so many others, struggling. The financial markets collapsed, business declined and the "Great Recession"  was in full swing. We were late entering the decline - investment banking is a trailing indicator - and we were well in... continue reading

Equity crowdfunding will impact markets four ways

Robert Louthan - February 9, 2015 If equity crowdfunding is simply a digital means of raising capital, then we have missed an opportunity to truly transform our industry. Equity crowdfunding has the potential to increase visibility, take local markets to the national stage, and bring efficienci... continue reading

Obama: "Want the job done? Hire a veteran."

Robert Louthan - January 21, 2015 We don't always agree on political issues, but the President nailed it last night when he commented on the value Veterans bring to business.  President Obama said, "As a new generation of veterans comes home, we owe them every opportunity to live the ... continue reading

Are you an "Accredited Investor" and don't even know it?

Robert Louthan - January 14, 2015 There are millions of you out there. You are accredited and you don't even know it. Many Accredited Investors have been interested in private placements of securities, but excluded from investing by high minimum investment thresholds. Many private placem... continue reading